Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hospital Update

I am just now getting around to update this. I am doing ok now ... but last Sunday was the day from hell.

I hadn't been feeling good all day it started about 4am. It felt like someone was standing on my chest.... I thought GREAT! I've been doing all this to get healthier and NOW I am going to have a heart attack!

... well after I calmed myself down and laid down for a while it felt better ... I figured I was having an issue called "dumping" that happens to bypass patients sometimes. It can mimic a heart attack but it's all in the digestive tract. The only flaw in that theory is it happens right after you have eaten something ... I hadn't eaten anything since dinner around 6pm the night before.

Well since the pain stopped I didn't give it much more thought. There are so many freaky things that pop up now and again from this surgery that I just chalked it up to one of those occurrences.

Noon came and went ... I ate a little lunch and everything seemed fine but I was just zonked out ... I felt so drained I laid down and fell asleep. I didn't wake up until nearly 7:30pm. I figured I should get something to eat because I have to eat a little something every 5 to 6 hours or I don't get enough nutrition in to me.

With in two teaspoons of food I had to run to the bathroom .... I was so sick :(

.. then the chest pain started again ... then I got hot, cold and sweaty/clammy all at the same time. I thought ... hmmm not good.

I wobbled myself back to my room and laid down ... as soon as I stretched out I felt a little better and I turned to my left side and just laid there but started to get a little uncomfortable. I then turned to my right side and WHAMMO!!! I felt like someone had just gutted me like a deer! The pain was so intense I couldn't breathe. I couldn't even speak for a minute... then I just screamed it hurt so Goddamn bad!

My sister and nieces came racing in and Jessy took one look at me and called 911 .. I loathe going to the hospital ER's but I was in no position to argue. I was nearly ready to pass out.

All I could think of was this had to be Gall Bladder related .. I can remember my Mom and Sister being in agony before theirs were removed.

Once they got me in the ambulance - my first time ever in one of those contraptions - they gave me some good drugs and everything calmed down.

I then got to the ER ... a brand new multi million dollar state of the art new addition they put on the Hospital. (this is useful information for later in my story)

So they all did their thing .. ran tests ... CT Scan ... blood tests ... pushing here ... prodding there ....

Conclusion was .... small intestinal blockage.

Ok fine .. "we are going to admit you for the night for observation"

So my sister and brother in law leave and I am laying there watching the lovely flat screen TV that the ER has as part of their new gorgeous roomy rooms.

They then said umm we don't seem to have any room at the inn ... all the rooms were filled to capacity ... but they "saved" me a place in the hall.

I found that rather funny that I now had to move from my gorgeous ER room to the hall for who knows how long ... someone is either going to have to die or go home for me to get a room

One of the Nurses commented that now we need a new hospital since they can take so many more people in the ER now.

(See why I told you how fancy it was?)

Ok back to me ...

around 9am I get visited by one of 3 Surgeons .... man I sound like a Christmas Tale here....

The Surgeon of Gall Bladder present ...

He is sure it's my Gall Bladder and has a plan ...

The Surgeon of Gall Bladder past ...

It could have been your Gall Bladder but it's moved the problem is your intestines ... He has a plan ...

The Surgeon of Gall Bladder Future ...

It's not your Gall Bladder it's your Liver ... She has a plan


By the time all was said and done I got into a room by 11am and they all got together and decided that ....

I had a small intestinal blockage caused by an inflamed, enlarged Gall Bladder which backed up into my Liver causing the infection and I was going any where until that started clearing up .... fast forward 4 days and the levels in the liver finally are nearly back to normal but the Gall Bladder really needs to come out.

So I am looking at yet another surgery probably with in the next month or so and on top of it the Endo's office called and wanted to redo the biopsies ... I said well ... you guys are gonna have to wait .. I can only handle so much once. My arms already look like I have been severely beaten. My neck just stopped looking severely beaten.

I'm trying not to let it all get to me ... it started to about mid wednesday ... I was really starting to lose the plot.

But now I am definitely home and brought some heavy duty antibiotics with me. I have to see both the Surgeon next week and have my 6 month bypass Eval with that Surgeon and get more blood tests to check on the liver progress on Monday and then on Thursday more blood tests for every other level ...

I should have taken out stock in the needle company :(

So tomorrow is the day ... I go see my bypass Surgeon for my 6 month check up and bloodwork and I will find out what the next step is.

One thing I must add ... the staff at the hospital was wonderful ... everyone was so nice and professional. They really made the stay a lot more tolerable ... I just wanted to go home so bad :(

I really liked one of my Doctors ... man he was cute .... I really looked forward to seeing him every day :p

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