Sunday, August 23, 2009

Surgery is set

After seeing my Surgeon last Thursday - surgery has been set for September 3rd. I will be having my Gall Bladder removed and a general check up in there to see if there are any adhesion's causing trouble.

I can't say I am looking forward to more surgery. It's been a bit of a struggle coming to terms with it. I seem to just start feeling good and something else sets me back.

As they say I know this too shall pass ... but it sure is hard to stay positive at times.

But, remembering that pain from the flare up and blockage is more than enough to make me want the surgery more than not want it.

And regardless ... no matter what I have no regrets. I do feel SO much better and can do SO much more already.

I plan on having a rockin' summer next year ... being able to go and do all sorts of things :)

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