Sunday, August 23, 2009

23g of Protein In Instant Coffee???

Yep you heard it here folks lol ....

Well sort of ;)

I have a new concoction I made.

I love my new EAS chocolate protein mix. I decided to try some in a cup of coffee and wow .... It was pretty darn good. Tasted just like a cafe' mocha.

Each scoop of EAS has 23g or protein in it. So it's a win win for me ... I get my coffee and my protein ..... and of course my beloved chocolate lol :p

One word of advise ... mix up the EAS in cold water then heat it and add a spoon of instant coffee. I tried to add it to the hot coffee and I ended up with a cup of glue .... not good lol.

But live and learn eh?

~ Try it .. you will like it

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