Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Chemo Treatment

I am just going to copy this from a forum I posted on .. I'm too tired to write it all out again lol ... forgive me.

I'm home ... finally ... I knew the first day was going to be long but holy schmoly!

I had 3 hours of consultation with the team and had to watch a video .... get an EKG or EEG I guess they call it now... had to have a series of blood work and then Chemo finally started about 11:30  That lasted till 4:30.   My sister had to leave to take my brother in law to work so she didn't get back to the hosp until 5:15 so I just hung out watching TV lol

It wasn't too bad ... I can say that now because it takes a few days for the bad stuff to start if it does start.  The only sure things is I will be very very tired and I will loose my hair .. all the other symptoms may or may not happen depending on how my body handles it.

I had a bit of a reaction to straight Benedryl to the blood stream hands and feet started twitching .. that was a site lol.   So then came a shot of Adavan and I was out like a light .. I slept through the whole thing.  They woke me up when it was over.

And yes the Port was awesome.  It was a pretty damn good pinching feeling when the hook needle went in .. but then it was over and didn't hurt through the entire procedure.

I went out so fast I forgot to tell my sis to take a pic of the rigging - I will next time

Now I have to be back tomorrow morning for a Nulasta shot .. that will help keep my white blood cell count up. 

Then I have to have blood tests called NADIR's every thursday through out this treament series so they can keep a close eye on my levels.  The biggest worries are infection and anemia.  Either can drop to fatal levels in a heartbeat .... that was a comforting thought.

But I have my Germ X right beside me and and a purse full of masks ... I will look like Jacko back in the glory days :D

So that's the scoop! ♥

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