Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm Still Kickin'

I am finally somewhat back to normal ... I have an old laptop fired up from here in bed.

I am getting around but the chair I have for my pc is a gravity recliner thing I bought and its just a bit too low to be comfortable right now.

Surgery went well ... (don't get me started on the hospital - that is a story for when I have more energy ... lets just say more torture with the IV's ... they never listen to me. I am so bruised and sore it's disgusting)

I will know next week the full results but right now they are saying things look great.

I really do feel quite good though otherwise ... my last surgery, I couldn't move for days ... this time I am getting up and down with little to no issue .. I even went for a ride in the car last night. I have to say this DaVinci machine does wonders!

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