Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nothing Can Be Easy

I got my results on Thursday.

They found an independent Cancer growing in my Ovary that is more aggressive than the Endometrial Cancer.

He said it was fairly unusual for 2 separate types of cancer to start and grow at the same rate but, it looks like that's what was happening.

Before and after they performed the surgery they did an abdominal wash and both times it showed Cancer cells floating around in there. They matched the cells from the Ovarian Cancer type.

Had it just been contained to the Uterus this would all be over but they were surprised by the Ovarian Cancer as well. It's a rarer type of cancer with a huge long name. This type is sneakier and can hide in places not able to bee seen by the naked eye and can regenerate.

So without getting too technical I have to start Chemotherapy :(

So now I have losing my hair and being sick as a dog to look forward too. Even though he says I won't get sick ... he didn't mention hair and I was in too much of a state to think of a lot of questions.

I still need to heal from the hysterectomy for 2 more weeks then I go back and talk about chemo and when it will start and ask all the questions.

He said it will probably be once every 3 weeks for 6 months. Then blood tests every 3 months after that for a year to make sure it's gone and stays gone.

My head is kind of spinning now and my nerves are shot.

The only thing good about all this is if I hadn't of had the Uterine Ca. they never would have found Ovarian Ca. as is doesn't exhibit many symptoms until its much farther a long and harder to treat.... and all the lymph nodes they took were negative.

So I am trying not to panic and stay positive but when I had my biopsies I heard ... stay positive it's going to be ok but it wasn't ... then when I was told I had to have surgery I was told be positive the surgery will take care of it .. but it didn't .. so now when they tell me be positive the Chemo will take care of it ... well I can't exactly say I can fully believe that.

So I'm scared and worried and stressing. I have so much going on in my head right now it's a wonder I remember to put my socks on before my shoes.

Anyway ... that's where I'm at .... 2 more weeks ...

My only saving grace in all of this is I feel ok other wise and have now lost a total of 220 pounds. That in itself is pretty amazing.

I have to be ok from all this ... I just have to be. God can't have let me get this far just to punch my ticket now.


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