Monday, July 13, 2009

I finally took the plunge!

Well I have finally done it!

I haven't had a haircut in nearly 20 years. My hair has been down to my butt since my early 20's. After my BIG hair days of the 80's I just let it keep growing.

So with all the changes going on in my life and my body my hair has been suffering. It was looking pretty bad and I have lost some due to my surgery. So I decided it was time for my hair to get healthy too.

People that know me will remember how long my hair was.

So Friday I took the plunge. It was time for another drastic change in my life.

Here I am 29 inches later .... Whaddya think? =0)

I love it. I never thought I could ever have a cute short hair doo! =o)

Red Kittie Kat

Here is the back. Sorry for the blurry .. hard to take myself lol

Red Kittie Kat

And here is the tail I had cut off for Locks of Love

that brought it to right above my shoulders. Six more inches were cut off as I got my new style.

Red Kittie Kat

So far everyone in my family looks at me with the OMG look .. then take a deep breath and tell me how cute it is :o)

And here is one I got a bit artsy with ... just a hint of color

Red Kittie Kat

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