Thursday, April 23, 2009

My 2 Month Anniversary

Well ... It's official ... I am 2 months Post Op.

I can't say it's been a breeze but, I wouldn't change it for anything.

After dealing with my stricture issue and not being able to eat for so long I am finally eating somewhat normally. My last EGD procedure was on the 15th and I have been able to eat nearly 3x a day now with a couple snacks (on a good day) I haven't experienced any dumping persay but I do still throw up within seconds of eating something that just doesn't want to sit too well.
The good part is after that happens, I can find something else to eat and I can usually keep it down.

Things that go down and stay down for me:

Pork cooked to the falling apart stage
Dairy (Milk, yogurt, cheese)
Beef cooked to the falling apart stage
Beans of any sort
boiled or mashed Potatoes
boiled carrots
Any type of canned tomato
Water and Tea
Shredded wheat and Cornflakes - I let them get somewhat soggy first

Things that don't go down well or won't stay down and I have been avoiding:

Tuna / Salmon (which is sad I love grilled salmon and tuna salad)
Peanut butter
coffee - which again is sad I loved my coffee lol ~ I only have a few sips of 1 cup a week now if that.

The one thing I have a little trouble with unless I poach them is eggs, so I have a poached egg on toast a couple times a week.

Today I tried some raw veggies for the first time:
I put a little lettuce and tomato on toast with a slice of bologna - so far so good

Officially I have lost 27 pounds since surgery. My last weigh in was 2 weeks ago. I don't have a scale. I am going to change that next week. I will be ordering one. I know I have either lost inches or weight because my clothes show it - but I would really like to know. I hate not being able to check lol.

My next appt. is May 14th ~ that is going to kill me to wait that long to know how much I've lost Ahhh!!!!

I have no pain from the surgery. My incisions are completely healed. I really don't ever experience any hunger pangs and I haven't had any pouch or chest pain. So, all in all I think I am doing pretty darn good ..... So that's my story so far. ;o)

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