Friday, January 23, 2009

4 Weeks and Closing

My visit with my Surgeon went ok other than I found out I now have to have a filter put in my neck 3 days before surgery. It's a precaution in case I should throw a blood clot in my legs after surgery.

The filter is a small catheter with a catch mechanism on the end that is inserted in my neck through my jugular vein. The will be fed down past my heart and lungs. It will then be a barrier if a blood clot shows up. If it starts to travel it will prevent it from getting to my heart or lungs which of course wouldn't be good.

Needless to say I'm nervous about it. But, the Doc said it will come out a month after surgery .. when I am out of the danger zone time period. I guess it's better than taking a chance with a clot. Just another thing to worry about I suppose.

Speaking of things to worry about, yesterday I had a visit with an Endocrinologist. After examining me he was concerned about my Thyroid ... or whats left of it. I had the left lobe removed 10 years ago and he said it's acting strange when I swallow. So, guess what ... more testing *sigh*

I have to go Monday for an ultra sound of the remaining Thyroid. Again, this is precautionary. Given my family history of Thyroid cancer he wants me to be checked. My Mom died from Thyroid cancer and my Grandmother had Thyroid issues all her life. My Mom's sister and her daughter suffer from issues. My cousin has sever Hyper Thyroidism. She is thin as a rail and looks like she will break in half any day now. My left lobe was removed due to two large growths which ended up being benign thank God. So now I have to worry if I am having issues again or if its just acting weird because there is only a portion left. I'll know after Monday.

As of today it's 4 weeks until my surgery. Time is flying and I'm so nervous and excited all at the same time.

I have a couple more preliminary Doc appts before the surgery and my weekly checkup and that's it.

Before you know it I will be on the way to my new life.

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  1. Bumps in the road. It's good they're catching all the snags ahead of time. Has to make you feel good about your healthcare providers. Plow on ahead through it.