Thursday, October 28, 2010

No More Chemo!!!

As of today I am clear.  My PET/CT scans I had done on Monday have come back and show no signs of cancer.

The scans did show nodules on my Thyroid but they have been there. But, given the family history.  I will be having another ultra sound on that in January but I've been through that before .. no biggie ;)

I have to have blood work and see the Doc every three months for a while.  They will be monitoring me for at least a year.   But for now .. no more Chemo and no more freaking needles every week! :D

... oh and the damn port is coming out Monday!!! That's a good sign right??

The sense of relief is overwhelming..... once he told me I was clear I started to say something and completely lost my train of thought ... so much going through my mind ... now I'm worried he might think I have Alzheimer's setting in lol.

I'll post back after I'm up and around from the removal.

Now I can look forward to the Holidays and New Year with renewed hope and full of thankful blessings.

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